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SuperEye knows metal detection is more than just finding metal. Our mission is to bring the excitement of search and discovery to all.  With engineering and testing expertise of over 20 years, SuperEye Metal detectors are trusted to bring the excitement of discovery to you along with whatever treasures found.

 Our metal detector features an  LCD display of precise target and depth; minimum four-level metal discrimination, optional rejection of low-value targets, and auto ground balance. All the features are combined in lightweight, sturdy and ergonomic housing.

 Shop Kids, Junior, Entry-Level, Advanced, Professional, Underwater, and Cool Gadgets on our Offical SuperEye Store.  

Explore, discover, and enjoy the art of detection.

About Us
About Us

SuperEye merges traditional methods with innovative techniques to create the finest products at an affordable price.

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"It’s really lots of fun to play with, whether you’re seriously searching for something of value or just having fun."